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Sugarcane bagasse, a material with temperature

Sugarcane bagasse, a material with temperature

Jun 07, 2024

In order to curb the escalating ocean pollution,

The European Union was the first to propose a "plastic restriction order",

Brands such as McDonald's, IKEA, and Starbucks have responded one after another,

For a while, plastic products became the target of public criticism.

In order to find alternatives to plastic products,

Many skilled people and craftsmen have also resorted to various tricks,

Even sugarcane bagasse has been unlocked with many new gameplay 


You may have been to the seaside, and you must have also been to an outing and bought takeaway. But when you see disposable plastic and foam waste everywhere, how do you feel?

Many knowledgeable individuals, such as Sincere EcoTech, have successfully solved this problem by producing disposable fully biodegradable tableware, which can degrade in 90 days under natural conditions.



Sugarcane bagasse straw - the savior of pearl milk tea

The plastic straw is forced to be taken offline, which makes people ponder deeply. Without this golden partner, what should we use to drink pearl milk tea? Although using a spoon can also solve the problem, it still feels a bit lacking. In order to solve this problem, the Taiwanese brand "100% Plants" has developed a sugarcane fiber straw.

This straw made of sugarcane fiber can not only decompose completely in the soil, but can also be used in beverages below 50 degrees Celsius because it does not contain gelatin and does not soften in beverages. The brand R&D team also commissioned Ocean University to study the digestion degree of sugarcane straws in the ocean and fish, and the results were also very satisfactory. Plant fiber is both environmentally friendly and beneficial for digestion. If fully put into use, it can definitely alleviate the embarrassing situation of plastic straws polluting the environment to a certain extent.



Sugarcane Slippers - Negative Carbon Green Slippers

Sugarcane can not only be made into straws, but also into flip flops! Allbirds, a wool sports shoe brand from New Zealand, along with its founder Tim Brown and team, collaborated with a Brazilian company for two years to develop the Sugar Zeffers, the world's first negative carbon green slipper made from sugarcane.

Generally speaking, ordinary shoe soles are made of highly polluting polyethylene vinyl acetate plastic, which has high carbon emissions. However, Allbirds spent two years developing slippers that are replaced by renewable materials, combined with straps made from a blend of recycled polyester fiber and sugarcane suede material. This design is both convenient to take off and fashionable, and can solve pollution problems. I really want to give a thumbs up to the design team!



Sugarcane Building Blocks - Lego New Toys

In order to reduce carbon footprint, LEGO has made many improvements in its manufacturing and supply chain processes. For example, recently launched a series of building block products made from plants, which use sugarcane certified by the international non-profit organization Bonsucro standards. Ethanol extracted from it is made into soft, durable, and elastic polyethylene plastic, which will be used to produce LEGO's plant element building blocks, such as leaves, shrubs, and trees.

It is very interesting that there is no significant difference in quality or appearance between these products and before. We believe that in the next decade or so, these sustainable materials can be applied to a wider range of core products and packaging, bringing us greater surprises.



Sugarcane Water Cup - Pragmatic Water Cup

This set of water cups, called "paper water cups," is renewable from start to finish and from the inside out. The bottle body and cap are completely made of paper, and the protective material on the outside of the bottle is made of 100% organic and renewable molded fibers, sourced from bamboo (residue), reed (residue), and sugarcane (residue).

The material inside the bottle is 100% recycled resin, which can meet the safety requirements for drinking and also effectively protect and seal the liquid. If you enjoy creating, you can also emboss on the bottle and print the logo with compostable adhesive. From the inside out, paper water bottles have compostability and sustainability, and the material strength can meet repeated use.


The Future of Sugarcane Production - Better Original Ecology

Can ordinary sugarcane have so many new gameplay options, does it make you feel like your brain is spinning? The design products in the above picture show us the diverse possibilities of design, as well as the hard work and dedication of designers to pursue a better future life. 

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